Wi-Fi interception system designed for the law enforcement and security officers to collect Wi-Fi packet, chat conversation and IP telephony from all 802.11x channel in stealth mode. Wi-Fi Interception System has 15 wireless cards, a GPS, one external antenna connector and support for host-swappable disks. Data from all 14 channels stores simultaneously on HDD. After capturing data optional Encryption Buster, SW decapsulates traffic for further analysis with WFA or any other decoders that understand PCAP files.

The Wi-Fi Interception System have 15 radio components (or cards) to be able to monitor all fourteen (14) 802.11x channels simultaneously and, at the same time, it captures all traffic without applying any capture filter, to not miss any real evidence. However, Passive Wi-Fi interception system has the option to apply the filter during the capture phase to only collect traffic from specific access points or clients based on their MAC addresses (BSSID or station address).

WiFi Interceptor Product Feature

  • Continuously scanning and visualizing networks in real time.
  • Capturing 14 channels of 802.11x simultaneously in 100% stealth mode.
  • Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) for superior range.
  • Captured data is stored in standard PCAP format.
  • Key Recovery for WEP, WPA, WPA2-PSK with or without FPGA acceleration Including dictionaries for multiple languages. (Customer can upload own dictionaries.
  • Including dictionaries for multiple languages, the customer can upload own.
  • Decapsulation the packet to Ethernet packet by removing the Wi-Fi header.
  • User-friendly GUI, Java based – (Mozilla recommended).
  • GPS time and position stamping for each capture file.
  • Field removable HDDs accessible from the front panel.
  • Aggregated antenna with SMA interface.
  • Wi-Fi Interception System supports more than one FPGA board into chassis, FPGA accelerates WPA decryption tremendously.
  • Advanced filtering for the second layer to higher layers during capturing.
  • Remote controllable by separate ethernet port (XML) provided.
  • Radio Configuration: the configuration of radio and channel, which can be set on Setup Tab.
  • Functional Tab: all the functions are grouped in 10 tabs.
  • Main Working Space: this is the main window for working in a different tab.
  • Capturing Summary: a summary of different capturing setting.
  • Message board: a note for other users.
  • System Setting: display the system setting of Time, Date, UTC offset, GPS coordinate, User, Session and HDD usage.
    Scanning and Capturing: control basic scanning and capturing.

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