VSAT Interception System

Aegis Solution VSAT Monitoring System (STN-VMS) intercepts inroute and outroute traffic through VSAT networks that operate on VSAT modems like iDirect, Gilat and Hughes. STN-VMS allows surveillance of private VSAT network falling well within the satellite coverage area. System’s main components comprise wideband multi-channel demodulator, narrowband multi-channel demodulator, DVB demodulator etc.

STN-VMS Core Features

  • Intercepts inroute & outroute traffic through VSAT Hub & terminals operating on C, Ku and Ka-band
  • Performs automatic scanning of all transponders of selected satellite to classify VSAT carriers and their corresponding network type
  • Displays multiple characteristics parameters of the carrier including Bandwidth, Symbol Rate, Modulation Type, Center Frequency, and RF Power
  • Intercept & decodes the traffic from VSAT networks including Hughes, iDirect Gilat etc. More VSATs can be added as per customer request
  • Provides preview of traffic payload from scanned VSAT carrier networks
  • Provides information about Plain Voice, Fax and Data sessions (including Webpages, E-mails, Video, Audio, Chat and VoIP calls)
  • Supports automatic & manual mode of carrier analysis
  • Integrated with internet data decoder to support multiple types of internet protocols
  • System has Built-in VoIP decoders to decode and produce voice sessions transmitted on Voice over IP
  • User friendly GUI and 20TB storage capacity
  • Easy integration with Text and Speech analysis tools
  • Modular architecture allows its expansion just by adding additional demodulators and software licenses

System Solution

VSAT Monitoring System (STN-VMS) from Aegis Solution provides clients the leverage to monitor private VSAT network of their own country as well as neighboring countries falling under the footprint of the satellite coverage.

STN-VMS provides an automated platform for satellite carrier scanning, identification of VSAT networks, monitoring and collection of information in the form of Voice, Fax and Internet-based activity.

All required decoders have been seamlessly integrated into the system for automatic reception and processing. The VSAT Monitoring System (STN-VMS) is integrated with Satellite Carrier Scanning Subsystem which performs an integrated search involving the use of specially designed demodulators to search the spectrum and classify the VSAT carriers from different VSAT OEMs like iDirect, Hughes and Gilat.

During scanning, STN-VMS automatically detects the VSAT HUBs and their respective terminals. This will provide a complete picture to the system operator of the various carriers identified which can be further processed by the VSAT Monitoring System for content monitoring.

During content monitoring, the STN-VMS monitors the target VSAT networks and is capable of intercepting both inroute and outroute traffic through VSAT HUB and Terminals operating on C, Ku and Ka-band.

The system can intercept and handle the proprietary protocols of iDirect Infiniti Series, iDirect NetModem, iDirect NetModem-II, Hughes PES, Hughes TES, Gilat Dial@Way, Gilat Sky Star Advantage to provide Plain Voice, Fax, HTTP Pages, e-mail with attachment, downloaded files, etc. STN-VMS is equipped with user-friendly GUI on operator workstations to analyse the intercepted traffic.

The STN-VMS consists of C-band antenna, Ku-band antenna, RF switch matrix, Universal Multi-Channel Digital Demodulator, Universal Wide Band DVB Demodulator, Signal Processing Server, Database, File Server, Administration Workstation and Operator Workstation along with necessary software licenses.

Universal Wide Band DVB Demodulator

Universal Wide Band DVB Demodulator has been designed for receiving, demodulation and decoding of DVB-S, DVB-DSNG and DVB-S2 satellite signals in CCM, ACM and VCM modes with symbol rate from 256 to 45000 kBaud.

The demodulator operates in L-band frequency range and has 2 processing channels. L-band signal is fed to processing card input where it is demodulated and decoded. Further, processed data is sent to interface board which performs an output of decoded data via PCI bus to Ethernet interface.

Signal Processing Server

The signal processor is equipped with various processing software module to process the signals from different VSAT standards. After processing the signals, it provides processed intelligence in the form of Plain Voice, Fax, HTTP Pages, E-mails with attachment, downloaded files etc.

Administrator Workstation

The complete system can be controlled from a system administrator automated workstation. The system administrator programs the system to carryout search of the required satellite spectrum and analyses the results. The selection of required carriers for monitoring and programming of operator work station for processing of intercepted traffic is also done by the system administrator.

Information Collection

After successful demodulation, decoding and processing, the system automatically collects the processed traffic in the form of e-mails with attachment, webpages, Audio, Video, Images, Fax and downloaded files etc., along with session related information

Data Base Server

Database Server consists of both Hardware and Software Application. A dedicated specially designed database server application keeps track of intercepted information.

The database server application performs the entry of intercepted session from targeted VSAT networks along with session related information and file path in structured database.

The database server application allows system administrator to view the total number of intercepted calls, application run time and other information on user friendly graphical interface.

File Server

20TB file server is based on high performance, highly reliable MSA storage which provides round the clock availability. The integrated setup and Web-based management Interface (WBI) makes MSA easy to manage for system administrators.

Operator Workstation Software Application

The operator workstation software application is provided for the purpose of the analysis of the intercepted traffic. The application offers the flexibility for the operators to filter out the intercepted sessions based on various intercepted parameters.

An instant preview of each session is presented to the operator which provides complete information including VSAT network, IP addresses, date and time of interception, size, etc.