Prisons are one of the most protected places but there are always cases of inmates smuggling and using mobile phones inside the compound. They provide the ability to make and receive unauthorized phone calls, send emails and also exchange information about criminal activities and breakouts.

Mobile phones are a major contraband in prisons and one of the easiest things to carry without notice. No matter what strategy the prison applies, the inmates find a way to smuggle the phones.

Traditional Cellular Phone Jammers fail to operate in this kind of environment as they disable all mobile phones even legitimate users. The new

Aegis Solution Intelligent Cell Phone Jammer (STN-ICJ3000) is designed to overcome this major disadvantage by selectively blocking communications of the user within its coverage, thus allowing authorized users to operate without restriction. The STN-ICJ3000 (prison jammer) system is integrated with advanced technology and is capable of automatically scanning and detecting all GSM phones operating within the premises. Each and every phone is individually detected and can be disabled individually.

The system creates a high capacity virtual BTS (Base Transceiver Station) with similar identities as of the GSM service provider. All mobile phones operating within the coverage area of the virtual BTS are logged on to it as it receives more signals for these BTS’s.

The STN-ICJ3000 system collects the manufacturing details of the phone, SIM identity, service provider parameter like Mobile Country Code (MCC), Mobile Network Code (MNC) etc. which can be used to identify authorized and unauthorized phones. It can also be integrated with a direction finder, to locate unauthorized phones within the premises.

STN-ICJ3000 Prison Jammer has an operational range of up to 500 meters. For larger areas, multiple systems can be deployed and can be controlled by a common GUI.


  • The system is capable of Jamming 2G, 3G and 4G Phones.
  • There is no limit of phones that can be added to the block list
  • The system is flexible and can be upgraded to cover larger areas or new networks
  • The system displays the IMEI, IMSI, TMST, MCC, MNC, Type and Model of phone etc. of all phones within the coverage range
  • All the scanned parameters can be stored in a database for future analysis
  • Direction finder can be integrated to physically locate and capture hidden mobile phones.
  • Both Directional and Omnidirectional antennas can be used to extend the coverage range of the system.
  • The system can be remotely controlled using LAN or WAN