ISAT Interception System

Tactical ISAT Interception System is designed to intercepts ISAT Phone traffic (Voice, Fax and SMS) from AceS, Isat Phone, and ISAT Phone. The system provides duplex call by interception both Uplink and Downlink at L-band. Tactical ISAT Interception System consists of two directional antennae, one for downlink (reception of the satellite signals) while other for Uplink (reception of uplink signals from ISAT Phone to Satellite).

The system uses state of art technology for the reception, demodulation, and decoding of ISAT signals. Due to the line of the Site restriction, the system provides the duplex calls if the target is within the range of 12Km (when the uplink antenna is above the ground level and maintaining the line of site condition) otherwise, it will provide the simple call only (conversation from satellite to iSAT Phone).

Besides the ISAT interception system that effectively intercepts ISAT phone traffic, Thuraya Interception System and Iridium Interception System are two other robust solutions Aegis Solution offers in the sphere of communication interception.

The Tactical ISAT interception, decrypting and logging solution, which is capable of interception, deciphering and logging ISAT traffic including Voice, SMS and Fax from AcES, Isat Phone, and Isat Phone Pro terminals. The Tactical ISAT Interception System is designed to monitor ISAT communications on the L-Band uplink and downlink channels, the system is completely passive and does not interfere with the normal communications and hence its presence cannot be detected. The ruggedized make and portability of the system make it ideal for quick deployment. The user-friendly GUI and simple system configuration significantly reduce the training time required for the operator.

System Features

  • The system monitors Voice, SMS, and Fax communication from AceS, Isat Phone, and Isat Phone Pro.
  • The System automatically detects and identify the Voice, SMS and Fax communication.
  • The system automatically decrypts the Voice, SMS and Fax communication almost in real time (once the call is completed).
  • The system monitors both forward and reverse channels simultaneously
  • The modular architecture of the system allows further expansion of the system.
  • The system maintains the internal call data record for each communication with all identity parameters that can be intercepted for each call.
  • The recorded conversations can be searched based on call identity parameters.
  • The system has a unique field for adding call synopsis.
  • The intercepted faxes can be viewed using special Fax viewer software integrated with the system. The user has an option of Zooming, Annotating, and rotating the intercepted fax.
  • The intercepted SMS can be viewed using special SMS viewer software integrated with the system.
  • The system is capable of intercepting and displaying the following information:
    • Voice, SMS, and Fax
    • Spot beam ID
    • Date and time of call
    • TMSI
    • IMSI
    • IMEI
    • Telephone number of called party
    • Telephone number of the calling party
    • Call type (Voice or SMS or Fax)
    • Direction of the call flow (Incoming Call or Outgoing call)
    • Duration of call (With start time and end time)