GPS Jammer is designed to jam the GPS navigational system by radiating interference signal. GPS Jammers radiates barrage radio-jamming and render the GPS services ineffective or introduce unacceptable error in their accuracies.

GPS Jammer covers the GPS frequency range from 1100MHz to 1580MHz by using three different transmitter modules works in the frequency range of 1100 to 1230 MHz (Military GPS), 1230 to 1350 MHz (Military GPS), and 1520 to 1580 MHz (GPS). Each transmitter module has separate antenna. GPS jamming system offers flexibility for the operator to control the transmitting module from their local control panel as well from a remote control. GPS Jammers is designed as per the MIL81OF NATO Standard and has the compulsory air-cooling system, indication system, and automatic protection system. The system provides output power of more than 25Watt.