Drone Jammer

These days, drones have the capability of spying, documenting and broadcasting unauthorized videos. They can also transport explosives, illegal commodities and other products; and even commit terrorist attacks, assassination of VIP and more.

Hence, UAV Quadcopters and Drones are becoming a nuisance and can compromise your privacy as they are becoming cheaper every day and more available. Several incidents within the last years revealed that there is a rapidly emerging threat caused by small commercially available UAVs. Due to easy access and availability of drones and quadcopters, criminals and terrorists have the advantage of reaching places that are tangibly impossible.

Aegis Solution provides you with a complete drone Jamming solution that is customized and cost-effective. Besides its specific use in military field, this well working Drone Jammer can find application in the prevention of criminal acts. It can be also effective for those police forces engaged in monitoring of certain risk areas.

Aegis Solution’s approach towards countering the UAV threat is based on a Four-step workflow:

  1. DETECT the potential threat with the finest possible probability of detection using Radar and RF detection. RF sensors with directional antenna arrays are placed at suitable locations in the site. The RF sensors will indicate the azimuth of approach of every detected drone. The precision of the system can be further enhanced by using multiple sensors. The drone’s approximate location is calculated using triangulation algorithms.
  2. LOCATE the drone on a digitized map. An overly sensitive Radar is used to Locate the drone. The Radar can detect even high-speed miniature drones. It works in 2.4 GHz Frequency Band with an instant bandwidth of 50 MHz and has a maximum detection range of about 1500m. Maximum detection distance varies with radar cross-section.
  3. IDENTIFY the potential threat as an authentic threat with the least possible false-alarm rate using the EO/IR Camera and specialized proprietary algorithms. Since optical cameras may not be able to identify miniature drones flying at high speed, a thermal camera is used.
  4. ACT on the threat by raising alarms or combatting the threat with a countermeasure using RF jammers. Hence, once the drone is identified as a threat and located, the final act is to disable it using a high-power jammer. The jamming unit consists of modules for 433MHz, 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz bands and a unit dedicated for Jamming satellite-based navigation information for the drone. The Drone jammer can be deployed in minimum time frame and comes into action immediately.

In short “Detect” is the first warning that informs the operator about a potential incoming threat. Next, the exact position of the drone is “Located” to take further action. Since the threat is unknown, the jammers take the next step to “Identify” and gather the source of the drone. The jammers are able to differentiate between hostile drones from hon-hostile ones. If the threat is identified as hostile it will be classified as an actual threat which will then be intercepted in the “Act” phase. The  Drone Jammer can be deployed in minimum time frame and comes into action immediately.

Why Aegis Solution Drone Jammer System?

  • Aegis Solution Anti-Drone Jammer system can Detect, Locate, Identify, Disrupt UAVs navigation system and data links up to 1000mt. The range can be extended up to 3-5 km based on the requirement and size of the drone.
  • In case the area to be covered is more, multiple Drone jammers can be deployed in the target area and they can be networked to be controlled from a central location such as a Command & Control Centre.
  • Highly configurable as static, portable or vehicle-based systems based on customer requirement.
  • The anti-drone jammer system can be utilized in both strategic and tactical operation.
  • Easily deployable in rural and urban environments.
  • Active solution capable of handling most of the commercial drones.
  • The jamming system can work against multiple targets at the same.
  • Multiple systems can be used to cover larger vulnerable areas close to public places where civilian access is easy.
  • The anti-drone jammer system has the capability to jam all types of global navigation satellite systems and to also disrupt different UAV command and control communication links employed by the UAV data links.
  • Integrated RF sensor and jammer solution for instantaneous action on detection of drones.

Our Services:

  • 24*7 Customer service
  • A dedicated team in charge for the post-sales support.
  • Upgrades: Free software upgrades will be provided for a period of 12 months.
  • Excellent training services aiming to give comfort to the operator so that they can utilize the system to its optimum level.
  • Warranty: Remote Warranty 12 months. The warranty includes free system diagnostics and repair. In case of any software/operational malfunction, Aegis Solution Engineers can remotely diagnose the problem and can provide an immediate support 24 x 7.

Installations done:

  • Strong Presence in the Middle East, South East Asia, Africa, Europe.
  • 100% Customer Satisfied and installations done in prominent regions across the world.