Communication Jammer of Aegis Solution offers a solution in areas where cell phone communications create disturbance either by loud incoming call rings or loud telephone conversations. These jammers also enable its user to block the communication in the secured area. These jammers are designed to jam VSAT Terminals also. It is done by blocking the DOWNLINK signals of a particular frequency of interest. Under its Communication Jammer head, Aegis Solution offers a series of Remote Control Improvised Explosive Jammers to its customers for different application.

Cell Phone Jammers

Aegis Solution Cell Phone Jammer are capable of providing the ultimate solution in any area where cellular communications frequently cause nuisance either by loud incoming call rings or loud telephone conversations or to block the communication in the secured area.

Customized Solutions for Communication Jammers

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Radio Jammers

The threat from Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIED) has increased because of the wide availability of commercial radio-control equipment that can easily be adapted as IED triggers. Read more

Satellite Jamming System

Satellite phone jamming system is intended for blocking Global Mobile Personal Communications by Satellite (GMPCS). The GMPCS include Thuraya, Iridium, ISAT, ACeS, Inmarast, Global Star, etc. The Jammer provides a definitive communication blocking solution in any area where cellular and satellite systems (or communications) need to be controlled (or blocked). Jammer can be deployed in a variety of applications depending on the scenarios.

Cellular satellite phone Jammer is designed to jam information, which is intended for the control of the terrorist and diversionary groups and also of illegal armed detachments.

Cellular Satellite Phone Jammer transmits adequate power radio signals to cut off communications between cell phones/satellite phones and cellular base-stations/satellite by jamming the cell phone/Satellite phone signals in the operating frequencies of CDMA, GSM, E-GSM, DCS, PCS, UMTS2100, Thuraya, Iridium, Inmarsat, and Globalstar. It does not interfere with any communications other than cellular and Satellite within the defined regulated zone.

Upon activating Cellular Satellite Phone Jammer, all idle phones will indicate “NO SERVICE”. When Cellular Satellite Phone Jammer is turned off, all phones will automatically re-establish communications and provide full service.