In recent times, the combination of advanced and modern technological developments has contributed towards a China-led world which provides a definitive competitive edge.

After more than 2 decades of effort, China recently accomplished its satellite navigation system when the ultimate of BeiDou’s 35 satellites reached the geo-stationary orbit.

China’s locally constructed BeiDou Navigation Satellite System, developed to compete the U.S.-based Global Positioning System (GPS), is now providing global coverage, allowing worldwide users to access its top-accuracy positioning, navigation and time-based services, which are essential to the cutting-edge economy.

Understanding the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) Technology

The BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) is a Chinese satellite navigation system which has been independently constructed and operated by China with an eye on the needs of the country’s national security and economic and social development.

As a 2-way communication system, BeiDou permits it to discover the position of receivers. Also, data can even be transmitted back to the satellites via text communications of up to 120 Chinese characters for devices that are BeiDou-compatible.

The BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) has 3 of the following segments:

a) Space Segment: The space segment is a hybrid-based navigation constellation comprising of MEO, IGSO and GEO satellites.
b) Ground Segment: The ground segment comprises several ground stations, which include master control stations, time-based synchronization and uplink stations, as well as numerous interception stations.
c) User segment: The user segment comprises modules, antennas and chips, as well as terminals, application systems and its services, which may be harmonious with other GNSS systems.

BeiDou Navigation Satellite Interception System from Aegis Solution

Aegis Solution’s BeiDou Navigation Satellite Interception System is capable of intercepting and decoding the following data from the open and closed components:

Telemetry Data
AIS Messages
Short Messages
Position Data and Terminal ID

The BeiDou Navigation Satellite Interception System makes use of 5 numbers of 2.4 m antennas equipped with feeds to receive signals from 5 of BeiDou geostationary satellites separately. The back-end servers are used to store metadata and content, implement indexing, and host offline map service for geospatial requests.

The exclusive BeiDou Interception System from Aegis Solution consists of Satellite RF Receiving Subsystem and Signal Processing Subsystem in addition to the Administrator & Operator Workstations.

Why go for Aegis Solution’s BeiDou Navigation Satellite Interception System?
Strategic system capable of intercepting and decoding open and closed components of the BeiDou communications
The BeiDou Interception System can display the location of the ships on digital maps through interception of AIS/Telemetry messages and allows tracking the move of ships.
BeiDou Tracking: Allows the operator to select the area in which vessels are to be tracked thereby reducing clutter in the screen.
The BeiDou Monitoring System can carry out relationship analysis between terminals and display the same to the operator.
The inbuilt language translator within the BeiDou Interception System allows translation of Chinese language messages to required language off the fly.
User-friendly application software allows easy operation by personnel with limited knowledge as well.